Youth Month 2018

Poster for Youth Month: The Science Of Saving. Can you save for the future?

Every child dreams about their future. Some of those dreams may require money to come true. How can you help the child in your life achieve their dreams?

One way is to teach them the importance of good saving habits!

Start early...Children as young as five may have already formed distinct emotional reactions about spending and saving money. Parents can help by teaching and encouraging kids to develop good financial habits. Remember that children learn a lot about how to handle money by watching you. Help build the foundation for your child to become a financially responsible adult by talking to them about what it means to be a wise consumer, where money comes from, and how your family budgets for things you need and saves for things you want. Learning financial skills is as important as learning other good habits that are part of a daily routine.

During the month of April, 1st Community Credit Union is celebrating National Credit Union Youth Month:

  1. Every new Youth Membership Account opened* will receive a goody bag
  2. 1st CCU will match the first $5 deposit into the new Youth Account
  3. Every member 13 & younger making a deposit on a Friday or Saturday in April will receive a double-punch on their punch card**

Some tips to get started include:

  • Set up a process for saving money, such as a piggy bank or jar
  • Ask children to draw a picture of an item they are saving up to purchase
  • Start with small goals - The sense of accomplishment when achieving a goal can boost your child's self-esteem
  • Help your child also discover the satisfaction of sharing by identifying ways they can spend money on helping others
  • Teach children about comparison shopping for prices and quality
  • Provide extra income opportunities (for example, a seasonal chore like raking leaves) and then help them decide what they want to do with the extra money they earn

Learning to manage money responsibly takes time and practice! Be patient throughout the learning process. It's better for your child to make small 'mistakes' now than bigger mistakes in managing their money later on. Launch them toward a successful future by starting them out with a 1st CCU Youth Savings Account!

Infographic: The science of saving. Science has shown that goals are easier to achieve if you can clearly picture them. Creating a dream board is a fun and easy way to help your child achieve a savings goal. Get them a piggy bank to fill with coins, when the piggy bank is full take your child to a credit union to open a savings account. Explain that their money will grow now, earning interest.

*Membership eligibility required. Some restrictions may apply. Contact 1st Community Credit Union for full details. Anyone living or working in the counties of Monroe, La Crosse, Vernon, Jackson and Trempealeau counties is eligible to become a member of 1st CCU. Immediate family members are also eligible for membership (spouse, parent, child, sibling, step-parent, step-child).

**Card punch (or double-punch on Fridays & Saturdays in April) may only be done once per day. Children ages 0 through 10 receive a small prize when making a deposit. Ages 0-10 may redeem 5 punches for a book. Ages 11-13 may redeem 10 punches for a $5 bill.