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Youth Accounts

Youth Savings

Every child deserves a successful financial future.  When saving money becomes a regular habit, the sense of accomplishment from achieving savings goals can boost your child's self-esteem. New youth members receive a Welcome gift.


Youth Accounts

Youth Accounts

Teach and encourage your child by setting small savings goals. Children can also learn about money by playing board games with the family (try Payday or Monopoly), by reading books with a money theme (your local library can help!), or by playing free interactive games online.

Start early, start smart!

  • Open with as little as $5.001

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Youth Certificates

Youth Certificate2

Youth Certificates are high-yield certificates, with a great rate and a low minimum deposit.  While your child (or grandchild) is growing, their money is growing too! 

  • 4.60% Annual Percentage Yield
  • For ages 0-12
  • 60-Month Term with a great rate
  • Minimum Deposit of $500, Maximum $10,000

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Teen Accounts

Teen Accounts

Help your teen learn healthy habits for saving, spending, and managing their budget with the monitoring capabilities we offer. 

Join. For starters, open a credit union savings account for each child in your family. 
Share. Include your children in household money discussions. Show them how you budget income and expenses.
Coach. Remind your children to ask for help when they need it. And turn to your credit union when you want help. 

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Teen Checking

Checking for Teens3

  • Parent may easily monitor account activity 4
  • Choose Checking or high-yield 1st Rewards Checking 5
  • Includes Visa Debit Card (5 designs to choose from)
  • 1st CCU Anywhere Online/Mobile Banking available for teens 16+

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Teen Certificate

Teen Certificate6

  • 5.13% Annual Percentage Yield
  • For ages 13-15
  • 36-Month Term with a great rate
  • Minimum Deposit of $500, Maximum $10,000

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High School Branch

1st CCU is proud to provide a Student Branch within Sparta High School for the convenience of high school students and staff. 

  • Open Tuesdays and Thursdays over the lunch period
  • Make deposits and cash checks
  • Make cash withdrawals and loan payments
  • Optional transactional coaching at the teller window
  • Answers to questions about savings, checking, and debit cards

Check out these free online interactive games for middle school and high school ages: 

What Our Members Are Saying

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Disclaimer

1st Community Credit Union does not knowingly collect, maintain or use personal information from our website about children under age 13. If a child whom we know to be under age 13 sends personal information to us online, we will only use that information to respond directly to that child, notify parents, or seek parental consent.


1Primary Share Savings account is not allowed to drop below the $5.00 minimum balance.

2Dividends paid quarterly, back into the certificate. At maturity the funds automatically transfer into the child’s savings account. Penalty of 1825 days' worth of interest will be assessed for early withdrawal. One Youth Certificate per 1st CCU member. Cannot be opened as an UTMA account. Certificate must be in the child’s name.

3Requires Parent/Guardian to be joint owner on the account.

4 Monitoring of the account is available with 1st CCU Anywhere Online or Mobile Banking. Set up eAlerts and utilize Card Control, view the teen’s account balance and transaction activity, and you can transfer to the teen’s account if you need to (Teen cannot see parents’ account info.   The parent/guardian must also have a 1st CCU membership account of their own to enroll in 1st CCU Anywhere.

51st Rewards Checking is subject to account approval. To earn rewards, you must satisfy 3 account requirements: (1) post at least 15 debit card point-of-sale purchases to your 1st Rewards Checking account monthly; (2) Receive eStatements monthly; (3) Receive at least one direct/ACH deposit posted to your account monthly. Rewards earned: (1) Up to $20.00 in foreign ATM fees (fees that another financial institution may charge you during an ATM transaction when you are using their ATM - Limit of up to $20 in ATM refunds per qualification cycle. Only the ATM fees charged to your 1st Rewards Checking account will be refunded; any ATM fees that have been charged for withdrawals from your Saving account or a non-rewards checking will not be refunded); (2) You earn a higher rate on your 1st Rewards Checking balance up to $15,000 when all three requirements are met each cycle; (3) You earn a lower rate on your 1st Rewards Checking balance over $15,000 when you meet all three requirements.  When your 1st Rewards Checking qualifications have not been met the dividend paid on the entire balance will be a nominal rate and  you will not receive ATM surcharge refunds. Debit purchase transactions must post to and settle on your 1st Rewards Checking account during the calendar month in order to receive the Rewards. We post purchases to your account when we receive them from the merchant, and that may occur one or more days after the purchase date. Purchases that have been initiated but not posted as of the end of the cycle will not count as a qualifying transaction for that cycle, but will count in the following cycle when they post. Limit of one 1st Rewards Checking account per member account. Business checking accounts do not qualify. Statement and Dividend cycles are monthly. Fees may reduce earnings.

6Dividends paid quarterly, back into the certificate. At maturity the funds automatically transfer into the teen’s savings account. Penalty of 1095 days' worth of interest will be assessed for early withdrawal before maturity. One Teen Certificate per 1st CCU member. Cannot be opened as an UTMA account. Certificate must be in the teen's name.

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