Online Banking

online banking and mobile app screens. 1st CCU will be upgrading online banking and mobile app in 2022.

Online Banking with 1st CCU

Manage Your Accounts Conveniently

  • View Account Balances, History, and Cleared Check Images
  • Transfer Funds & Make Loan Payments
  • View Your eStatements, Log Into Bill Pay, Order Checks
  • Access Your Credit Card Online Management System
  • Set Up E-Alerts, Get An Estimated Loan Payoff Quote
  • Send A Secure Message To 1st CCU
  • Change Your Address or Apply For A Loan
  • Secure Multi-Factor Authentication & 246-Bit Encryption
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User Names must meet these parameters:

  • must be less than 20 characters
  • must start with a letter
  • must contain only letters A-Z and/or numbers 0-9*
  • NOTE: Your User Name is not allowed to contain symbols or punctuation such as @, ! . _ * - # " (), etc.

Passwords must meet these parameters:

  • Must be between 8-20 characters in length
  • Must contain at least one alpha character (letters A through Z)
  • Must contain at least one non-alpha character (numbers or symbols)
  • Passwords are allowed to contain these symbols: ! # % $ & * + - / ; < > = ? { } \ _ [ ] ) (
  • Cannot match or include your 1st CCU Online Banking User Name
  • You cannot use your previous 2 passwords when changing a password

ONLINE BANKING LOGIN INSTRUCTIONSOnline Banking Frequently Asked Questions

laptop computer, tablet computer and smart phone

Did You Know That You Can See Pending Deposits In Online Banking?

If you are anticipating a deposit and you want to see if the money will hit your account in the next day or two, you can find that information within Online Banking.
  • Log into Online Banking. If you have multiple accounts at 1st CCU make sure you are logging into the account that the automatic deposit is supposed to be delivered to.
  • Click on the Transactions link in the tool bar.
  • Select 'Pending Transactions'. If there are any pending deposits or withdrawals you will be able to view them on the Pending Transactions screen.  The screen will show the account the transaction will hit, where the transaction is coming from, and transaction amount, and the effective date that the automatic deposit will go into the account.
screenshot showing pending deposit notification
  • Please Note: The Pending Deposit Transactions are only viewable within Online Banking. Deposits that are pending will not show up in the Mobile App.
  • Want to know exactly when the deposit hits your account? Sign yourself up for our free Deposit eAlert!  You can choose from email alerts, text alerts, or both. You can enroll in the Deposit eAlert while you're in your Online Banking account.  Simply click on the 'Services' tab and select the 'Continue' box next to E-Alerts.  Click the 'Add Alert' button on the far right side of the screen. 
  • Click on the words "Add Share Alerts"
screenshot of online banking eAlert starting point
  • Change the drop down field to the account where the automatic deposit is supposed to go (you can set up the Deposit Alert for multiple accounts, you just need to set them up one at a time)
screenshot of selecting account number for setting up ealerts in online banking
  • Click the box next to Deposit Alert and set the minimum/maximum deposit amount you want to be alerted to. Customize any other alerts you want to set up for that account also.  Then click the Save button.
screenshot of setting up the eAlert for Deposits
  • You control these alerts and you can customize them and change them in Online Banking whenever you like. 
  • If you do not have internet access but you have a cell phone that is capable of receiving text messages, ask a 1st CCU Member Service Representative for assistance in getting set up to receive text alerts.

Information About Website Compatibility

  • Our Online Banking provider supports the current and prior major release of the browsers listed below.  When a new version is announced as Release To Web (RTW), support will cease on the third-oldest major version. Please note that utilizing old browsers may result in disabled functionality (you will not be able to log into Online Banking) or limited access to Online Banking services.

  • In general, compatible browsers include the two most recent major releases of:

    • Microsoft Edge 
    • Firefox 
    • Safari - Apple/Mac Users only
    • Google Chrome
    • The supported browsers listed above are for use with the traditional online banking interface and devices (desktop/laptop), and do not apply to use with mobile devices (phones/tablets). If using a phone or tablet to access online banking outside of a mobile app, functionality and appearance may vary from the traditional interface.
    • Note: support for Internet Explorer was discontinued on January 1, 2021. Please use the latest version of a supported browser.

    The following types of tools and/or access are not recommended and may impact experience:

    • Accessing accounts via an embedded browser such as:
      • Personal or Commercial Financial Management Software (Quicken, QuickBooks, etc)
      • Browser bars within AOL, Yahoo, Google, etc
      • Internet portal access within gaming system such as xBox
    • Use of browser add-ins (emoticons, FunWeb services, etc)
    • Beta versions of browsers

Security Information

scammer by computer. Scam Alerts from your friends at 1st Community Credit Union.

NEVER, NEVER, EVER give out your online banking user name and password to ANYONE.  Never give out your account number in response to an email or phone call or text that claims they need to deposit money into your account.  Your account number and online banking credentials  should always be kept private and secure to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

Be smart, be safe, and always contact your financial institutions if you believe that you may have given out information that you should not have disclosed.


If you are having difficulty accessing Online Banking, please make sure that you are using an up-to-date browser.

  • Update Your Browser = If you are using an older, outdated browser you may notice issues when viewing and using newer websites that are created under newer website development standards. It may be time to update to a newer, supported version of your favorite browser.
  • To update your browser click on the Start Button, Click All Programs, Select Windows Update from the Programs List... OR... Open Internet Explorer, click on Safety, and click Windows Update from the drop down menu.
  • In some cases it may be necessary to clear your cache, reboot, or try logging out and logging back into your computer or device.
  • Our Online Banking system was designed for ideal functionality on a desktop/laptop computer. Mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones which use Chrome may not perform at optimal levels and some functionality may be lost. We recommend our Mobile App for tablets and smartphones.
  • If you are using a mobile device to access the Online Banking system, please be sure to click on the LOG OUT link at the upper right corner when you are done and then close completely out of the browser. Due to the security features of the site you must NOT skip the LOG OUT process or you may have difficulty logging back into Online Banking. As stated above, the optimal method of accessing your accounts on a mobile device is our Mobile App.
  • New February 15, 2018: Due to a recent update that affects QuickBooks/Quicken users with fewer than 16 account digits, some QuickBooks/Quicken users may receive a software prompt to re-enter their account number(s). If you use QuickBooks/Quicken software to download transactions via Online Banking and you have been prompted to setup a new account within QuickBooks/Quicken software, please know that this should be a one-time process.

Navigation Within Online Banking

You'll find the navigation links at the top of the screen. The tabs under the logo provide access to the services you have enrolled in such as Bill Pay, eStatements and Credit Card AccessPoint. The sub-tabs under each main tab provide additional navigation for viewing account activity, transferring funds, etc. Anytime you want to get back to the main screen just click on the Online Banking tab to the far left.

screenshot of online banking account listing screen

screenshot of online banking services screen

By clicking the Services tab you have access to self-service options such as setting up eAlerts, submitting a Change of Address form, applying for a loan, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How far back does the Transaction History go?

Transaction history from the old online banking system was not transferred to the new system. You are able to access Transaction History back to March 1, 2017. The same goes for check images.

How many eStatements are available/archived on the Online Banking system?

3 eStatements were migrated during the Computer Upgrade (December, January, and February), as well as your eStatements from March 2017 forward. 

I received a notification email about an important eNotice. How do I view my notice?

If you are enrolled in eStatements you also received eNotices within Online Banking (Certificate maturity notices, tax notices, etc). To access your eNotice, log into Online Banking and click on the eStatement tab, then click on the eNotice sub-tab. If you have multiple accounts at 1st CCU be sure you are logging into the correct account. For instance, if you have a single-ownership account with a Share Certificate and another joint account, you would need to log into the single-ownership account to view your Certificate Maturity eNotice. The eNotice would not be accessible from the joint account login.

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