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1st CCU members can now request to purchase a CARFAX report when financing a used auto!  Simply tell your Loan Officer that you'd like to purchase a CARFAX report at the discounted price of $20.00, they will be happy to assist you. 

Shopping for a used car can be a challenge because it's hard to know if the vehicle has been wrecked or had major repairs in the past. 1st CCU and CARFAX can help remove some of the mystery. CARFAX has built the most comprehensive vehicle history database ever assembled, covering virtually all cars, light trucks, and SUVs manufactured in the United States since 1981. Vehicle data from more than 86,000 data sources can be provided, including all state DMVs and many police departments, service facilities, and collision centers.

  • $20 per CARFAX Report when you purchase through 1st CCU (costs $39.99 when you order through the CARFAX website)
  • Protect yourself against purchasing a vehicle with a negative history
  • Get extra peace of mind

Even if you aren't getting a loan, but you would still like a CARFAX report, you can order one at a discounted price of only $20.00! ($39.99 value).  Simply click the image below to fill out your contact information and request a CARFAX, and someone will respond by the next business day to assist you.


Carfax fox

woman icon with telephone receiver

P.A.T.T Telephone Banking (Personal Automated Telephone Teller)

Our 24-Hour P.A.T.T. service makes it easy and convenient to manage your 1st CCU accounts by phone. Hear your balances, make loan payments, transfer funds, and more!

  • Call 1-866-876-7288
  • Enter your eight-digit account number
  • Enter your PIN*
  • Follow the prompts and use your touchtone keypad or voice response to navigate through the system
  • For more information refer to our P.A.T.T. Guide .
  • Contact a 1st CCU Member Service Representative if you need assistance

*If you have not previously been set up for P.A.T.T. Telephone Banking the system will prompt you to enter your full social security or Tax ID number.

ProPay For Paying Your Loan Online

1st CCU offers a quick and easy way to post a payment to your loan when time is of the essence. Using ProPay, you can pay your 1st Community Credit Union loan online using a debit card, or pay from an account at another financial institution via Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction. ProPay gives you the flexibility to set up a one-time payment or recurring payments to your loan using their secure website.

1st Community Credit Union still provides various methods for making loan payments that are free of charge. These methods include cash, check, automatic transfer of funds from your 1st CCU account, online banking transfers, and mobile app transfers. Enroll in Online Banking, download our mobile app, or contact 1st CCU if you are interested in these options.

Here's What You Need To Know To Use ProPay To Pay Your Loan:

  • ProPay can only be used to make a payment to 1st Community Credit Union
  • You may make payments of $20 to $3,000, either one-time or automatically recurring
  • Once the transaction has been validated the payment will be effective, usually the next business day
  • A non-refundable convenience fee of $4.95 is charged to your debit card for Debit Card ProPay payments
  • A non-refundable convenience fee of $1.00 is charged for ACH ProPay payments
  • Please retain a copy of your ProPay receipts or email confirmations
  • 1st CCU's standard Returned Item fees still apply for returned items
  • To get started making a Loan Payment with ProPay, go to our website's Home page and click the 'Pay Your Loan' link (see screenshot below)
screenshot with arrow pointing to the "pay your loan" link on website

Direct Deposits and Automatic Withdrawals

You can authorize direct deposits of funds to your account, or automated withdrawals from your account, by supplying your 10-digit or 14-digit account number and 1st CCU’s routing number to your employer or the merchant, utility company or organization you authorize. (NOTE: you will supply a 10-digit account number if your account was opened prior to March 2017, you will supply a 14-digit account number if your account was opened after March 1 2017.

It is critical that you give your account number using the correct format because incorrect account numbers may cause delays or returned deposits.  To get your account number please follow these steps:

    • Log into 1st CCU Anywhere Online Banking or log into the 1st CCU Anywhere Mobile App.
    • Click into the account you want your direct deposit to go into.
    • Look for the 'Detail' section within your account. You will see a 14-digit or 10-digit account number (depending on when your account was opened).account number format screenshot

(see example shown here of the Details section of an account in 1st CCU Anywhere)

    • Under the account number you will also see 1st CCU's Routing Number, which you also need to provide when authorizing direct deposits.
    • Provide the account number and routing number on the paperwork you need to submit to authorize your employer or other entity to make direct deposits of funds into your account. 

Please feel free to contact 1st Community Credit Union for assistance by calling 888-706-1228 if you have questions.

Please note that if you set up automatic withdrawal transactions from your account and you need to stop the withdrawal in the future, you should first contact the company that you authorized to do the withdrawal and tell them to stop payment.

Money Orders

Money Orders provide a safe, secure method of guaranteed payment and are available for up to $3,000 for a small fee

safe deposit box opened with valuables inside

Safe Deposit Box Rental

A safe and effective way to store your documents or other valuables such as loan documents, insurance policies and appraisals, deed and titles, wills and trusts, tax forms, social security cards and birth certificates, and small items such as coins, treasured photos or zip drives and memory cards. Safe Deposit Boxes come in a variety of sizes.  (Subject to availability.)

Annual rental fees apply. Fee Schedule

Free Notary Service

Need a legal witness to the signing of documents? We offer notary services free of charge to all members.

Reorder Checks

You may order more checks in person at 1st CCU, order by phone at 888-706-1228, OR, you may order them within 1st CCU Anywhere Online or Mobile Banking by following the steps below:

  1. Log into 1st CCU Anywhere (Online Banking or the Mobile App)
  2. Click to go into your Checking account
  3. Select the "Order Checks" shortcut button. This button takes you to the online check ordering website.
  4. The online check ordering website system will populate your account information if possible, or you can fill in the fields.
  5. If the information populates for you please be sure to verify it is correct. Follow the prompts to complete the check order.
  6. When checking out, please pay special attention to the Shipping dropdown list so that you are choosing the shipping option that is most timely and cost-effective for your needs.

If you need to make changes to your address or check style please contact 1st CCU for assistance by calling 888-706-1228.

Switch Kit 

Print out these helpful forms to begin the process of closing your accounts at other financial institutions, notifying your employer to begin sending direct deposits to your new 1st CCU account, changing your automatic withdrawals to your 1st CCU account, and closing out your old accounts.

Print Now

(Note: Employers/merchants may require you to fill out a separate form or documentation)


If you have difficulty accessing this webpage or any element of 1st Community Credit Union's website, please call us at 888-706-1228 or email us at and we will work with you to provide the information you seek through a communication method that is accessible to you. 1st CCU is actively taking steps to further enhance the accessibility of our website.