Additional Services

PATT Telephone Banking icon

P.A.T.T Telephone Banking (Personal Automated Telephone Teller)

Our 24-Hour P.A.T.T. service makes it easy and convenient to manage your 1st CCU accounts by phone. Hear your balances, make loan payments, transfer funds, and more!

  • Call 1-866-876-7288
  • Enter your eight-digit account number
  • Enter your PIN*
  • Follow the prompts and use your touchtone keypad or voice response to navigate through the system
  • Contact a 1st CCU Member Service Representative if you need assistance

For more information refer to our  P.A.T.T. Guide

* If you were an active P.A.T.T. user prior to our Computer Upgrade at the end of February 2017, enter the PIN you used in the old system. 

If you were not an active P.A.T.T. user try entering the last 4 digits of your social security number as your PIN. (Note: If the last 4 of your SSN starts with a zero, change the zero to a 1) 

If you were never set up for P.A.T.T. Telephone Banking prior to the Computer Upgrade the new system will prompt you to enter your full social security or Tax ID number.

Switch Kit

Testimonial; we have always been more than pleased with services provided by 1st CCU. I have always been greeted by friendly helpful staff - Linda.

Print out these helpful forms to begin the process of closing your accounts at other financial institutions, notifying

 your employer to begin sending direct deposits to your new 1st CCU account, changing your automatic withdrawals to your 1st CCU account, and closing out your old accounts.  (Employers and merchants may require you to fill out a separate form or documentation)

New Account Conversion Checklist
Direct Deposit Change Request Form
Automatic Withdrawal Change Request Form
Account Closeout Authorization Form

Direct Deposits 

You can authorize direct deposits of funds to your account by giving your 10-digit account number and 1st CCU’s routing number to your employer. It is critical that you give your account number using the correct format because incorrect account numbers may cause delays or returned deposits. We would be happy to help if you need assistance to ensure that you are using the correct format. 

  • Routing Number for 1st CCU: 275981909
  • Direct Deposit To Checking – 10-digit number located on bottom center of your checks. Example: 7010000009 or 7020000009
  • Direct Deposit to Savings – 10-digit number located on monthly or quarterly statement. Example: 1000000900 or 2000000950

Automatic Withdrawals

Automatic Clearing House (ACH) withdrawals are set up through the merchant, utility company or organization that you authorize to receive funds from your account. Please note that if you set up automatic withdrawal transactions from your account and you need to stop the withdrawal in the future, you should first contact the company that you authorized to do the withdrawal and tell them to stop payment.
  • Routing Number for 1st CCU: 275981909
  • Automatic Withdrawal From Checking – 10-digit number located on bottom center of your checks. Example: 7010000009 or 7020000009
  • Automatic Withdrawal From Savings – 10-digit number located on monthly or quarterly statement. Example: 1000000900 or 2000000900

Money Orders

Money Orders provide a safe, secure method of guaranteed payment and are available for up to $3,000 for a small fee

Safe Deposit Box Rental

A safe and effective way to store your documents or other valuables such as loan documents, insurance policies and appraisals, deed and titles, wills and trusts, tax forms, social security cards and birth certificates, and small items such as coins, treasured photos or zip drives and memory cards. Safe Deposit Boxes come in a variety of sizes (subject to availability)

Annual Rental Fees Apply

Free Notary Service

Need a legal witness to the signing of documents? We offer notary services free of charge to all members.

Reorder Checks 

You can order new checks on your account within Online Banking. Simply log in and click on the Order Checks link in the sub-menu. If you have ordered checks within the last few months the system will automatically populate the fields with your order information. Be sure to double-check the information for accuracy, then use the dropdown list to select the shipping option that is most timely and cost-effective for you before finalizing the order.