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Authorizing a Direct Deposit to (or Automatic Withdrawal from) your 1st CCU Account:

You can authorize direct deposits of funds to your account, or automated withdrawals from your account, by supplying your 10-digit or 14-digit account number and 1st CCU’s routing number to your employer or the merchant, utility company or organization you authorize. (NOTE: you will supply a 10-digit account number if your account was opened prior to March 2017, you will supply a 14-digit account number if your account was opened after March 1 2017.

It is critical that you give your account number using the correct format because incorrect account numbers may cause delays or returned deposits.  To get your account number please follow these steps:

  • Log into 1st CCU Anywhere Online Banking or log into the 1st CCU Anywhere Mobile App.
  • Click into the account you want your direct deposit to go into.
  • Look for the 'Detail' section within your account. You will see a 14-digit or 10-digit account number (depending on when your account was opened).account number format screenshot

(see example shown here of the Details section of an account in 1st CCU Anywhere)

  • Under the account number you will also see 1st CCU's Routing Number, which you also need to provide when authorizing direct deposits.
  • Provide the account number and routing number on the paperwork you need to submit to authorize your employer or other entity to make direct deposits of funds into your account. 

Please feel free to contact 1st Community Credit Union for assistance by calling 888-706-1228 if you have questions.

Please note that if you set up automatic withdrawal transactions from your account and you need to stop the withdrawal in the future, you should first contact the company that you authorized to do the withdrawal and tell them to stop payment.


If you have difficulty accessing this webpage or any element of 1st Community Credit Union's website, please contact 1st CCU by calling 888-706-1228 or email us at and we will work with you to provide the information you seek through a communication method that is accessible to you. 1st CCU is actively taking steps to further enhance the accessibility of our website.