Online Banking Login

1st Community Credit Union's secure online banking features Two-Factor Authentication; a 'second layer' of security to safeguard the privacy and security of your personal information. The first layer of protection is your user name and password. The second layer is a security image that you choose from 50 provided images. When you enter your user name, your security image appears on the screen - this is a way for you to verify that you are at the correct site and not a phishing site.

Summary of 1st-Time Login Procedure:

  • On your 1st login you are prompted to enter an email address or email-to-text address*
  • You will receive a Challenge PIN via email or text
  • Without exiting the Online Banking screen, open a new browser to check your email or check your phone for your Challenge PIN
  • Enter the 5-digit PIN in the field provided within Online Banking
  • After you successfully log into Online Banking you are prompted to choose Authorize Computer or Public Computer
  • Authorizing your computer bypasses the need for a Challenge PIN when accessing Online Banking on the device you are using only
  • If you are unsure which box to click on, choose Public - the most secure setting - so you will be asked to enter a Challenge PIN every time you log in
  • You only want to authorize computers that are not used by other people, since authorizing reduces the security infrastructure by eliminating the Challenge PIN

Subsequent Logins:

  • If you authorized your computer or mobile device, after entering your User Name you will see the security image you chose and you will be asked for your password
  • If you are on a computer or device that you haven't authorized (or if you have deleted cookies) you will be asked to enter your Challenge PIN. Upon successfully entering the 5-digit Challenge PIN you will see the security image and you will be asked for your password.
  • The 5-digit Challenge PIN is valid for only one login. If you have not authorized your device you will receive a new 5-digit Challenge PIN every time you log into Online Banking. 
  • Remember to keep the Online Banking browser open while you retrieve your Challenge PIN. The PIN is invalid once you exit the screen.


If you are having difficulty accessing Online Banking, please check these settings on your computer:

  • Enable TLS 1.0 = Click on Tools, click Internet Options, Click Advanced. Scroll down toward the bottom until you see USE TLS 1.0 and make sure there is a checkmark in the box to enable TLS 1.0. Click the Apply button and select OK. Try logging in again
  • Allow Cookies = You must allow Cookies when using 1st CCU Online Banking. If you routinely run programs to 'clean' your computer system it may delete your cookies and/or disable your authorization
  • Make sure your computer isn't deleting browser history on exit = Click on Tools/Internet Options ( or the Gear Icon in Internet Explorer 9) and make sure the "Delete browsing history on exit" box is unchecked. Or, when manually deleting browser history make sure to leave the boxes unchecked for Preserve Favorites website data and Cookies
  • Make Sure The Login Button Turns Dark Green = Hover over the Login Button until it turns dark green, then click
  • Update Your Browser = If you are using an older, outdated browser you may be noticing issues when viewing and using newer websites that are created under newer website development standards. It may be time to update to a newer, supported version of your favorite browser. 
To update your browser click on the Start Button, Click All Programs, Select Windows Update from the Programs List... OR... Open Internet Explorer, click on Safety, and click Windows Update from the dropdown menu
  • In some cases it may be necessary to clear your cache, reboot, or try logging out and logging back into your computer or device