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1st Rewards Checking


Qualifying for 1st Rewards Checking

Qualifying for the rewards is as easy as satisfying three simple requirements each month:

  • Post at least 15 debit card purchases to your 1st Rewards Checking account monthly
  • Receive eStatements monthly
  • Receive at least one direct/ACH deposit posted to your account monthly

What happens if I do 15 debit card purchases but only 14 post to my account in the month?  

You will not qualify for the Rewards at the end of that month.  We’ll email you each month to let you know if you have met the three requirements. If you don’t earn the Rewards during one month, no worries! You’ll simply earn a lower dividend on your 1st Rewards Checking balance that month.  If you meet the three requirements the following month then you’ll once again be Rewarded with the higher dividends and up to $20 in ATM refunds again.

Do transactions at an ATM count as part of my 15 debit card purchases?

No.  Transactions need to be Point-of-Sale purchase transactions. Transactions processed by merchants and received by 1st CCU as ATM transactions do not count towards qualifying debit card purchases. Only debit card purchases processed by merchants and received by 1st CCU as Point Of Sale (POS) transactions count.

I have 1st Rewards Checking and I qualified to receive foreign ATM refunds last month. Why wasn't the ATM fee for my withdrawal from Savings refunded?

Our processing system looks at transactions on your 1st Rewards Checking only, and will refund only the ATM fees you have been charged for foreign ATM withdrawals from your 1st Rewards Checking (up to $20).  If you are withdrawing funds from your Savings at an ATM that is going to charge you a fee, you may want to consider first transferring the funds from your Savings to your 1st Rewards Checking account before you initiate the ATM withdrawal.  

Opening 1st Rewards Checking

When I open a 1st Rewards Checking will I get a debit card right away?

Yes! You’ll walk out the door the same day with an Instant Issue Visa Debit Card that you can start using immediately.

Do I need to have the Direct Deposit or ACH go into my checking account? What if I already have a Direct Deposit going into my Savings?

The direct deposit or ACH Deposit can go into any share within the account you are opening the 1st Rewards Checking under.

Is there a minimum deposit or balance requirement? 

No minimum balance requirements.

Can I open a 1st Rewards Checking Account if I don’t want a debit card, monthly eStatements or direct deposits/ACH deposits? 

No.  All three requirements must be met in order to open a 1st Rewards Checking Account.

Can I receive monthly eStatements AND monthly paper statements? 

No.  Statement selection is one or the other. If you prefer paper statements then the 1st Rewards Checking account is not the right fit for you.

How do I enroll in eStatements?
Enrolling and accessing your eStatements is easy!

  1. Log into 1st CCU Anywhere Online Banking or the 1st CCU Anywhere Mobile App
  2. Click on the 'Documents' button to start the enrollment process (on the mobile app you may need to swipe left to see the Documents button in the list of shortcut buttons under the accounts list)
  3. The 'Documents' button is also where you will click to view your eStatements once you've enrolled. 
  4. You’ll receive an email each month when your statement is ready to view, OR, if you don't have a checking account or a loan you'll receive the eStatement quarterly

What are Foreign ATM Fee’s and how do they get refunded? 

This is a fee that a financial institution may charge when you use their ATM. A Foreign ATM is an ATM that is not owned by 1st CCU. Our processing system looks at transactions and can determine which part of an ATM transaction is a fee.  If the transactions post to your account in the month and you have met all other qualifications, you’ll be Rewarded with a refund of your foreign ATM fees for that month, up to $20.

What is an ACH Deposit? 

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, a network that connects more than 25,000 financial institutions around the country to move money electronically.  When you give your account number to an employer, company, or government entity so they can send payment directly into your account that is an ACH Deposit.  

Switching to 1st Rewards Checking

Can I switch my existing checking to 1st Rewards Checking?

Yes! To switch your existing 1st CCU checking to 1st Rewards Checking we just need all account holders on your checking account to sign a new agreement. Contact a Member Service Representative.

If I switch my existing checking to 1st Rewards Checking will I need to order new checks?   

No, your checks stay the same

If I switch my existing checking to 1st Rewards Checking will my account number change?  

No, your account number will stay the same

If I switch my existing checking to 1st Rewards Checking will I need a new debit card?  

No, you keep using your existing debit card

Will I need to change my direct deposit/ACH deposit?  

No, everything stays the same

If I convert to 1st Rewards Checking mid-month will my debit purchases and direct/ACH deposit from the beginning of the month count toward the required 15 debit purchases? 

Yes!  The system looks at the entire month when you convert. It will look back to all activity from the 1st day of that month to see if you've posted the 15 debit card purchases, had at least one direct/ACH deposit, and that you are enrolled in eStatements. Each month when you've met all three requirements you'll receive an email letting you know that you've qualified.  

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