Team up with 1st CCU!  We will work with you to find the Savings option that fits your needs.
What Everyone Should Know About Savings Accounts
  • It's safe. Your money earns interest and you can diversify your funds by choosing short-term and long-term options (the amount of interest depends on the type of savings product you choose).
  • Your funds are insured by NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) and backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. The NCUSIF provides all members of federally insured credit unions with $250,000 in coverage per ownership category. Insured funds include regular shares, share drafts, money market accounts, and share certificates. Retirement account insurance protection is separate from insurance coverage on other credit union accounts. For example, if you have a regular share account and an IRA at the same credit union, the NCUSIF insures the regular share account for up to $250,000 and the IRA for up to an additional $250,000. More information can be found on the and websites.
  • Putting money aside allows you peace of mind that you are prepared for any type of expense, including unexpected emergencies, repairs, and opportunities. Setting goals for saving can vary from small emergency funds to saving for large purchases to long-term savings for retirement.
  • Saving money doesn't always have to be hard work.  You can easily set up a direct deposit or automatic transfer of funds directly to your savings account to make saving convenient and hassle-free. Set up recurring transfers within Online Banking by selecting Transfers/New and using the drop down field to select the transfer frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly) or speak with a Member Service Representative for assistance.
  • Are you saving for something special?  You can open a secondary savings account to keep those funds separate from other savings balances. Naming the secondary account (Pet Expenses, Vacation Fund, Wedding Money, etc) will also be a constant reminder that you are working toward achieving a savings goal.
    • Opening a secondary savings account can be done from the comfort of your home within 1st CCU Anywhere Online or Mobile Banking. (1) Log into 1st CCU Anywhere. (2) In the menu, click on your name. (3) Select 'Add an account'.  (4) Select 'Open a subshare'. (4) Follow the steps to open a secondary account. 
    • Once the account is opened, click on the account button in the 1st CCU Anywhere dashboard, then select the Settings button.  In the upper right corner of the screen click 'RENAME', then assign a nickname to the account.


A Primary Share Savings account is your personal part of 1st Community Credit Union. Maintaining $5.00 in your Savings account makes you a member and allows you to take advantage of other 1st CCU products and services. 


A Secondary Share Savings account is a convenient way to save for something specific, such as Pet Expenses, Vacation, a down payment on a new home, wedding expenses, etc.  


With a minimum opening deposit of $1000, you’ll earn a higher dividend rate and there are no fees. If your balance falls below the $1000 minimum a reduced dividend will apply. 


With a minimum opening deposit of $1000, you’ll earn a higher dividend rate and have the ability to write checks. Access to your funds is easy – unlimited transactions in person, or you may clear up to 3 checks per month from this account. (Service charges apply for more than 3 checks per month).


Certificates are available in a variety of terms and rates. When you purchase a certificate, your rate is guaranteed for the term you select, with penalties for early withdrawal.
Subject to minimum opening deposit requirements. Contact 1st CCU for details.



Open with as little as $25.00 and save throughout the year. The balance of your account is available for withdrawal on November 1, just in time for the season's shopping.