What might it take to save a million dollars? How much would you save if you changed the amount you spent on buying lunch? Find out with our Financial Calculators.

Financial Calculators

Rates effective 1/11/2018 and subject to change. New Money Specials are limited time offers. Minimum $1,000 deposit. Early withdrawal penalties may apply. Rates shown above are Share Certificate rates; not available for IRA Certificates. 13 month and 21 month available for New Money Deposits only. At the end of the term the 13 Month Certificate will auto-renew as a 12-month Certificate and the 21 Month Certificate will auto-renew as an 18-month Certificate. Membership eligibility required. Contact 1st CCU for full details. Federally insured by NCUA.

*APY=Annual Percentage Yield

Term APR / APY*
12 Mo RECENT INCREASE! 1.15% / 1.16% APY
13 Mo NEW MONEY SPECIAL! 1.25% / 1.26% APY
18 Mo 1.25% / 1.26% APY
21 Mo NEW MONEY SPECIAL! 1.50% / 1.51% APY
24 Mo 1.40% / 1.41% APY
30 Mo 1.60% / 1.61% APY
36 Mo 1.75% / 1.77% APY
48 Mo 2.00% / 2.02% APY
60 Mo RECENT INCREASE! 2.35% / 2.38% APY



A Primary Share Savings account is your personal part of 1st Community Credit Union. Maintaining $5.00 in your Savings account makes you a member and allows you to take advantage of other 1st CCU products and services. 
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With a minimum opening deposit of $1000, you’ll earn a higher dividend rate and there are no fees. If your balance falls below the $1000 minimum a reduced dividend will apply. 


With a minimum opening deposit of $1000, you’ll earn a higher dividend rate and have the ability to write checks. Access to your funds is easy – unlimited transactions in person, or you may clear up to 3 checks per month from this account. (Service charges apply for more than 3 checks per month).


Certificates are available in a variety of terms and rates. When you purchase a certificate, your rate is guaranteed for the term you select, with penalties for early withdrawal.
Subject to minimum opening deposit requirements. Contact 1st CCU for details.


This account is designed for nonprofit organizations. This account allows you complete access and insured safety without earning dividends. 


Open with as little as $5.00 and save throughout the year. The balance of your account is available for withdrawal on November 1, just in time for the season's shopping.



1st Community Credit Union offers Youth Accounts to point out the rewards of saving, while introducing the basics of the financial world to the Next Generation in a fun way.
  • Open with as little as $5.00
  • Punch card to track qualifying deposits
  • Redeem punched cards for prizes
  • Games and Resources that teach kids about money
  • Federally insured by NCUA

Are your kids on the right track to financial independence?

For many of today's young adults, the weakest link lies in learning the basics. Only 35% of teens know how to balance a checking account or manage credit cards. During the past several years, a decline in overall financial knowledge is especially pronounced among 18-year-olds, and 13% fewer teens have bank accounts.*

Achieving economic prosperity is difficult, and it's especially hard for young people who've never learned how to manage money.

Your credit union is ideally positioned to respond because we believe in the power of education. We're here to help you launch the youth in your life toward financial independence, and here’s how:

  • Join. For starters, open a credit union savings account for each child in your family. As soon as your children can write, have them fill out deposit and withdrawal slips. Guide teenagers through using a debit card and tracking transactions.
  • Share. Include your children in household money discussions. Show them how you budget income and expenses. As their skills improve, give them challenges—such as finding a better cell phone plan, calculating the total monthly cost of owning a car, or sticking to a budget for back-to-school or holiday spending.
  • Coach. Remind your children to ask for help when they need it. And turn to your credit union when you want help. Our tradition of service and philosophy of self-help make 1st Community Credit Union and all credit unions a natural partner in pursuing financial security.
Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Disclaimer
1st Community Credit Union does not knowingly collect, maintain or use personal information from our website about children under age 13. If a child whom we know to be under age 13 sends personal information to us online, we will only use that information to respond directly to that child, notify parents, or seek parental consent.