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Save The Date:

  • The Annual Meeting will be held on Monday, March 26th at Jake's Northwoods in Sparta
  • Blood Drive at 1st CCU in Sparta on Monday, April 9th from 1pm - 6pm
  • Shred Event/Food Drive at 1st CCU in Sparta: Friday, April 20th from 3pm - 6pm
  • Shred Event/Food Drive at 1st CCU in West Salem: Saturday, April 21st from 9am - Noon

Notice Regarding Tax Documents

Important Notice: If you are enrolled in eStatements with 1st CCU you'll receive any applicable tax forms earlier than normal because they will also be sent to you electronically. Account holders who are not signed up for eStatements will receive any tax forms in the mail by January 31, 2018.

Tax documents are sent out to account holders who have earned $10 or more in dividends and paid $600 or more on a mortgage loan.

When the eTax document is delivered to your Online Banking account you will receive an email notification that it is available. Follow these steps to view, save, or print the document:

  1. Log into Online Banking (Note: If you have multiple membership accounts please log into each individual account to retrieve any Tax Documents for the account. Tax documents are accessible only within the individual account, they are not set up for cross-account access.)
  2. Click on the eStatement Tab
  3. Click on the eTax sub-tab
  4. Click on the date of the Tax document you wish to view, download, or print

If you have any questions please contact 1st CCU by calling 888-706-1228 or by sending us a secure message via the Online Banking Message Center.

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Important Information About Website Compatibility:

Please make sure your computer settings use TLS 1.1 and higher for accessing 1st CCU's website, Online Banking, and Bill Pay. 

In general, compatible browsers/versions* include:

  • Internet Explorer version 11
  • MS Edge-all versions
  • Firefox version 31 and higher
  • Safari version 9 and higher for Mac
  • Google Chrome version 42 and higher

*Other browsers not listed may still have functionality, but are not recommended and are compatible only in a limited manner. For example, members using Internet Explorer 10 and lower may need to manually enable TLS 1.1 and 1.2 protocols on the Advance tab in IE via Tools>Internet Options to continue accessing the website. Other members using older Operating Systems and browser combinations might be unable to get to the site if they are not able to access without TLS 1.0 (most notably IE 6 and 8 users on Windows XP or Vista platforms).


Effective September 15th the Federal Reserve began processing same-day ACH (Automated Clearing House) debit transactions, meaning that debit transactions now process and post multiple times throughout the business day rather than just once per day. ACH debits include electronic payments, debit card purchases, automatic drafts, paper check conversions or any electronic withdrawal from your account.

What This Means For You:

  • Don't assume that funds will clear the account the day after a purchase or payment. It is likely they'll clear the same day.
  • To avoid any overdraft fees, please ensure that your account has sufficient funds to cover any same-day debits that you may have authorized to post to your account.
  • When reviewing your account balance, make sure to check the "Available" amount.
  • 1st CCU offers e-alerts such as Daily Balance Alert and Minimum Balance Alert for your convenience. These alerts can be delivered to you via email or text and may help you with monitoring your account balances.

Beware Of Fraud.  Learn More  

  • Never Give Out Your Online Banking or Mobile Banking User Name and Password!
  • Pay Attention To Account Activity:
    You are responsible for monitoring your account activity and notifying your financial institution of suspicious activity or fraudulent charges. Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and AccessPoint Credit Card Account Access are offered free of charge to 1st CCU members, as well as monthly paper statements and eStatements. 1st CCU also offers free E-Alerts for notification of daily account balance, online banking logins, and certain electronic transaction activity. For additional protection, ask a Member Service Representative to place a Password on your account. Once you've placed a secure password on your account you will give the password anytime you request information or transactions on your account in person or over the phone.
  • Inspect Credit Reports Annually:
    All consumers are entitled to a free copy of their credit report every 12 months from each of the 3 major credit reporting agencies. The ONLY website authorized by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to provide these free credit report copies is Consumers without internet access may request their free copies by calling 1-877-322-8228 or send a request by mail to: Annual Credit Report Request Service, PO Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348-5281.
  • Don't Become A Victim Of Phishing Scams:
    Always question any suspicious or "official-looking" emails, letters, or phone calls that ask for verification of sensitive information, and never click on links in unexpected or suspicious emails or social media messages.
  • Protect Your Device:
    Every consumer who owns a computer, smart phone, tablet, or other internet-enabled device should understand what software and systems they have and configure them securely.
  • Use Strong Passwords:
    When you use the same User ID and Password across several websites you increase your risk. Use strong, unique passwords and don't recycle the same passwords for multiple online accounts.
  • Inform Others:
    Tell elderly family members about scams and phishing attacks, even if they don't have internet access. They can still become victims of scams during phone calls and mail if they don't know the warning signs.