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1st Community Credit Union has been informed that some members may be receiving a scam text. (PICTURED BELOW)
Please do not call the phone number, do not return the text, do not respond in any way. This text is not coming from 1st CCU and the scammers who sent it are trying to get you to disclose your debit card number.
example of scam text

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1st CCU Credit Cardholders now enjoy a smoother navigation when managing their credit card account online.  The upgraded, mobile-friendly platform is used to view your credit card balance and transaction activity, pay your credit card bill, and view credit card eStatements....PLUS now 1st CCU credit cardholders are able to Lock and Unlock their credit card.  To check out the new site simply log into 1st CCU Anywhere, click on your credit card account, and select 'credit card' from the option list.

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Helpful Tip When Writing A Check:

When you are signing a check you've written, please be aware that you should avoid letting your signature interfere with the MICR line. The MICR line is the series of numbers printed at the bottom of your check. The numbers are printed in magnetic ink and they represent the credit union's routing number, your account number, and the number of the check you are writing. When a check is being processed it is scanned by a MICR Reader, and if your pen has strayed into that MICR number when you signed your name the pen marks interfere with the proper scanning of the check.  Keeping your signature away from the MICR line helps you and the credit union!
check writing tip: don't let your signature bleed into the MICR line