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ZIX Secure Email Portal Secure Email Instructions

Use our ZIX Secure Email whenever you need to securely send messages or documents to an employee at 1st Community Credit Union. All information sent via ZIX Secure Email is encrypted, so your social security number, account numbers, and other sensitive personal identification information will be safely transferred. It's easy to use, just click the button above to go to the ZIX Portal and register (or sign in if you already have a ZIX account) to get started.

Noah's Ark Discounted Admission for 1st CCU Members

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1st Community Credit Union members qualify for a discounted admission to Noah's Ark Waterpark in Wisconsin Dells during the 2019 season. Save over 40% on tickets when you use Promo Code 1STCCU2019 to purchase tickets via their website.

Use promo code 1STCCU2019 when you visit noahsarkwaterpark.com.  noahs ark logo

General Admission with the promo code is $24.99 plus tax ($26.68) per ticket for admission from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Last summer the water park opened Raja - The World's Largest King Cobra, standing six stories high, 335 feet long, with speeds up to 30 mph.  This summer they will be opening the Safari Adventure 18 hole Mini Golf. 
Details at Noah's Ark website(opens in a new window)(opens in a new window) (link opens in new window)

1st Community Credit Union is not responsible for replacing or reimbursing tickets that are lost, stolen, unused, damaged, destroyed, or otherwise unusable. The credit union is not affiliated in any way with the water parks of Wisconsin Dells. For full information about Park Attractions, amenities, restrictions, and ride height requirements, visit the park’s website at noahsarkwaterpark.com, in person at 1410 Wisconsin Dells Parkway, or contact them by phone at 608-254-6351.

Tax Documents

Important Notice: If you are enrolled in eStatements with 1st CCU you'll also receive any applicable tax forms electronically. Account holders who are not signed up for eStatements will receive any tax forms in the mail by January 31, 2019.

Tax documents are sent out to account holders who have earned $10 or more in dividends and paid $600 or more on a mortgage loan.

When the eTax document is delivered to your Online Banking account you will receive an email notification that your form is available. Follow these steps to view, save, or print the document:

  1. Log into Online Banking (Note: If you have multiple membership accounts please log into each individual account to retrieve any Tax Documents for the account. Tax documents are accessible only within the individual account, they are not set up for cross-account access.)
  2. Click on the eStatement Tab
  3. Click on the eTax sub-tab
  4. Click on the date of the Tax document you wish to view, download, or print

If you have any questions please contact 1st CCU by calling 888-706-1228 or by sending us a secure message via the Online Banking Message Center.

Note: Members who enroll in eStatements AFTER our statement processor finalizes the 2018 tax documents may still receive any applicable tax forms in the mail.

Frequently Asked Questions About eTax Forms:

What is an eTax Form?

Also known as an eTax Document or eTax Statement, an eTax Form is an electronic version of the 1099-INT or 1098 form. If you qualify to receive one or both you may need the information from the tax form when you file your 2018 Taxes with the IRS.

What eTax Form(s) will I get?

The form(s) you receive depend on your account relationship with 1st CCU. If you earned more than $10 in savings dividends in 2018 you will receive a 1099-INT. If you paid $600 or more in interest on a mortgage loan in 2018 you will receive a 1098 form. You won't get an eTax Form if neither of those apply to you.

When will eTax Forms be available for viewing in Online Banking?

We aren't able to provide an exact date but we anticipate the forms will be available sometime during the second or third week of January. Tax forms for members who aren't enrolled in eStatements will be sent out by January 31st. If you are enrolled in eStatements you will receive your eTax Forms sooner.

What if I received the notification email and logged into Online Banking but there are no documents to view in the eStatement tab?

If you have multiple accounts, and especially if you have more than one account set up for cross-account viewing within Online banking, you may be logged into the wrong account. Log out of the account and log into your other account and click on eStatement, then eTax to view the eTax Form.

What if I accidentally deleted the email that says my eTax Form is ready?

No problem, because the email is simply a notification that the form is ready. Your eTax Form is still securely archived in Online Banking.

What if I no longer want to receive my eTax Forms electronically?

You can switch back to paper delivery of all statements, notices and tax forms at any time by changing the setting in Online Banking. Click on the Services tab, select eStatement Enrollment, and read and follow the directions for returning to paper statements.

Can I unenroll from eTax Forms but still be enrolled in eStatements?

No, the enrollment for eStatements encompasses eStatements, eTax Forms, and eNotices (maturity notices, balloon notices, etc). They cannot be separated.

Can I have the eTax Form email notification sent to a different email address?

Sorry, we can only send to one email address. If you need to change the email address for all your notification emails please contact 1st CCU or change your email in Online Banking by clicking on Settings.

What if something isn't correct on my eTax Form?

Verification of the information, including name spelling and Social Security or Tax Identification Number is very important on all documents you receive for tax purposes. Any discrepancies should be reported to the Credit Union right away so it can be corrected.


Phone System

close up of business phone
  • Our phone system was updated in mid-September 2018. You will notice an enhanced prompt menu to be directed to the correct department within 1st CCU
  • At any time you may press zero (0) and the next available Member Service Representative will answer during business hours
  • You also have the option to leave a message and we'll promptly return your call during business hours


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